The Chariton City Council approved a request to have a streetlight put up in the 700 block of Grace Ave. in Chariton at their meeting Tuesday night.

In the discussion before approving the request, Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said that the 700 block of Grace Ave. is a very dark area with no lights.

Liegois said she has discussed this matter with Chariton Police Chief Tyler Ruble and that he also said that this is a very dark street area that has had some issues in the past, which creates concerns for public safety.

“Chief Ruble thought it would be a good recommendation to add lighting in this area,” Liegois said.

The city staff recommended to the council to approve putting up a streetlight in the 700 block of Grace Avenue to address public safety concerns.

(Read the rest of the story in the Chariton Herald-Patriot Sept. 5, 2019 edition)

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