Hy-Vee recently announced it will no longer replace its Hy-Vee Market Grille restaurant inside the Hotel Charitone in Chariton with a Smokey Row Coffee Co. location.

Based on resident and customer feedback requesting that a full-service restaurant remain in Chariton, Hy-Vee offered an incentive package for a new tenant to occupy the space and worked with city leaders to find a restaurant that would fit the needs of the community.

The Iron Horse Neighborhood Grill currently has an existing location in Osceola and this will be their second restaurant.

Iron Horse is a dining destination in southern Iowa in an upscale yet casual setting. “As a sign of its commitment to Chariton and our large and valued workforce, Hy-Vee will subsidize leasing costs and all equipment and furniture for the current space,” a Hy-Vee news release stated.

The Iron Horse Neighborhood Grill will be taking over the location, with plans to open in early October. The owners of the restaurant will share additional details with the community as they become available.

Hy-Vee corporate said it remains committed to its partnership with Smokey Row Coffee Co. and will announce its plans for a future Smokey Row location in Iowa in the upcoming weeks.

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