At the recent Chariton City Council meeting, Alyse Hunter and Katie Wilson of the Chariton Sidewalk Task Force Committee gave an update on town square sidewalk improvements.

They gave the council a list of proposed town square improvement projects and the cost estimates for each project that the Sidewalk Task Force would like to be done. The projects listed fell under the categories of sidewalk improvements, landscaping, new street lighting, and sidewalk amenities.

The landscaping architect, Genus Landscape, and the civil engineering firm, Garden & Associates, created the cost estimates for the proposed projects. The total estimated cost for the whole project was listed at $1,140,211.43.

Some of the proposed sidewalk improvements listed were brick pavers, granular subbase for pavement and sidewalk, abandon rooms under sidewalks, storm sewer pipe, storm sewer structures and removing and replacing alley pavement for storm sewer.

Some proposed landscaping improvements listed were trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and planting soil. New street lighting improvements listed were poles, power distribution and wiring and miscellaneous construction.

The proposed sidewalk amenities listed included benches, litter receptacles and bike racks.

All of the above listed projects are just proposed projects that the Sidewalk Task Force Committee would like to have done, none of them have been definitely decided on yet.

“We’re a sidewalk task force. We’re a little confused about how we can proceed from here. We don’t understand the process of how this might go,” Hunter said. She also said that the Sidewalk Task Force would meet again sometime in July.

Chariton City Attorney Verle Norris said that the town square sidewalk improvement project will have to be publicly let or bid and will have to be divided into phases. Any and all contractors for the project would have to go through a bidding process for work to be done.

Read the July 2, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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