At Monday night’s Chariton Community School Board meeting, Superintendent Larry Achenbach and the board had a short discussion about current enrollment numbers for each grade level in the Chariton School District.

Achenbach printed off enrollment numbers for each grade for the board to see. Achenbach said he wanted to show the school board the enrollment numbers first. Then Achenbach and the school principals will have a discussion about the number of sections there are for each grade in the district.

Two of the middle school grades, 6th and 7th, had the highest enrollment numbers for the current school year with seventh grade having 119 students and sixth grade having 104 students.

“The seventh grade class keeps getting bigger,” Board President Dusty Cain commented.

The grade with the third largest enrollment was third grade with 102 students. The first grade class and second grade class each have 81 total students enrolled. Fourth grade has 87 students and fifth grade has 89 students. In kindergarten through fifth grade, there are four teachers for each grade.

Eighth grade has 93 students enrolled. Ninth grade has 90 students and 10th grade has 92 students.

Achenbach told the board that overall enrollment for the district was down 20 students. He also pointed out that this year’s high school senior class has 95 students and that the grade with the smallest enrollment this year is the high school junior class with 78 students.

“After thus school year, we’ll be losing 95 students and we’ll probably have less coming in next year than what’s going out,” Achenbach said.

The current kindergarten class has a total of 87 students. Columbus Elementary Principal Derek Philips said at the meeting that he anticipated possibly having 88-90 students for kindergarten next year, but he wasn’t sure yet.

“I’ll know a lot more about the kindergarten numbers for next year after kindergarten roundup is held on March 13,” Philips said.

Read the January 16, 2020 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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